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Since its foundation in 1990 in Dortmund, the Amity textile trading company stands for trust, passion and quality. Since then we mainly produce „modern fashion“ for private brands of major companies.

Besides fashion, our intense and long lasting passion for several sports connects us – especially horse riding, golf and cycling.

It is therefore no surprise to combine our passion for the sports with our over 20 years of expertise in the textile industry and thus to develop clothes specifically for these purposes.

In this manner, the idea of the Amity Jackets collection arose.

Amity Bike Jackets

Amity Equitation

Fashion consciousness, product perfection and customer satisfaction are our greatest concerns. The fundamental idea – our high quality standards – is always at the forefront of design and production. With love of detail, stylish classic design and selected high-quality materials our most durable, functional clothing for professionals and amateurs arises.

Developed in Dortmund – Made in Europe

All collections are conceived and designed in Dortmund, our corporate and foundation headquarters. They are all manufactured in selected factories in Europe, with whom we maintain a close and trusting cooperation for many years. Naturally, we only use the finest fabrics from Europe.

Amity Fashion




















All Bellitanner bikes are designed assembled and packed in Hamburg, Germany.

Bellitanner bikes was founded in 2012 by Michael Pfeiffer Belli and Roger Tanner. It is our goal too create a premium urban brand with top quality products and bikes.

Bellitanner bikes are produced with the best alloy that the market can provide. All frames are made of Columbus tubing, are heat treated and painted in Germany. We select the best possible parts too ensure the best weight, stability and endurabilty for your ride.

Bellitanner Bikes

Biomega is a premium urban bicycle brand, peerless within its category. Biomega designs and develops bicycles, electric bicycles and related accessories. It is committed to creating a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation by making urban ‘‘furniture for locomotion’’, developing bikes so beautiful that they compete directly with cars and imbue our cities with new meaning. Biomega brings social innovation, design thinking and urban lifestyle to the world of bicycles, which start in urban functionality and ends in high design. The brand features collaborations with renowned designers such as Marc Newson and KiBiSi. The company, which was founded in 1998, distributes its products to more than 20 countries, and has its headquarters in Denmark.


Biomega Bikes

A selection of bicycles from HSH Prince Albert II’s private collection.

For the second year Prince Albert of Monaco very kindly shares part of his cycling youth with Likebike. This private collection has never been seen in public before and a real treat for visitors.

Everything around us, all the products we use and love are born out of creativity. It’s the heartbeat of our society, the thing that keeps us evolving and adapting. And when good design has purpose, solves problems or simply creates more beauty – it has the ability to change the way we live.

There are about 4 million businesses and entrepreneurs devoted to creating beautiful, new products, but it’s become hard for them to borrow from banks. So it’s fallen to us, the people economy, to step in.

That’s why we created BORN.COM: a global ecosystem to crowdfund small and medium businesses, to connect people who love well-designed products with the most exciting entrepreneurs and celebrate creative leaders around the world.

Our team of industry experts identifies only the most interesting and beautifully designed new products. So, whether it’s life style, technology, interiors, product design, fashion accessories we ensure our portfolio is always carefully curated.

BORN is to become the first true Market Network, bringing together design conscious businesses, entrepreneurs, backers and creative leaders. And we’ve already successfully helped many brands get off the ground.


Throughout its history, Bultaco has been based on one of the purest of human habits: dreaming.

It was dreams and excitement that in 1958 spurred Don Paco Bultó and his devoted team to undertake their ambitious challenge.

On 17 May 2014, the day marking the anniversary of his foundation, and the birth of its founder, Paco Bultó, Bultaco, announced in London his official return to the motorcycle market, introducing the world to the first prototypes of Bultaco’s new range of vehicles.

Bultaco is reborn with the mission of doing just what it would have done if it had never stopped manufacturing its motorcycles, back in 1983: offering customers motorcycles that are fun and feature the latest technologies.

The new Bultaco Team maintains the same old spirit that has always defined the Thumb-Up brand, faithful to the traditional values that made the company founded by Don Paco Bultó legendary: passion, innovation and competition.

It continues to draw inspiration from its celebrated motorcycles, proud of its legacy… but without living off its past, always looking ahead.

Bultaco Brinco

A passion for Italian art combined with a passion for bicycles is at the heart of CICLI ART LAB.

This passion for bicycles and for anything mechanical has accompanied Sandro since he was a young boy; over time, it expanded to include art, archaeology and architecture. His encounter with SKENE decorations and the refined decorative techniques of Maria Grazia and Chiara gave rise to CICLI ART LAB’S renowned Hand-Decorated Bicycles

Each bike is an harmonious blend of meticulously handmade decorations and state-of-the-art technical know-how which is rigorously Made in Italy and renowned across the world. Effectively, each bike is like a kind of mini museum of Italian art on wheels. The handmade decorations on each bike could present slight differences in colour or in other elements, making each item one-of-a-kind and we also number them to make them even more special. Each component is personally registered and assembled by Sandro before delivery. We believe that the person who acquires one of our Decorated Bicycles will handle it with great love and respect.


Electrolyte is a manufacturer of unique and customised bicycles and electric bicycles. We are renowned for our innovative solutions Made in Germany. In 2013, we were awarded the Bavarian State Prize for exceptional technical performance in the trades.


Made out of wood, Ecce bikes are special, they escape their formalism, like the double triangle structure that characterizes them for more than 150 years.

The shape makes it an enigmatic object, the bike becomes an object of desire. We do not drive a bike anymore, we ride an object that is out of the ordinary, a sculpture.


Karbon Kinetics Limited was founded in 2002 with a mission to develop the world’s most innovate and technologically advanced electric bicycle. Using automotive engineering and design, KKL has produced Gocycle®, the award-winning electric two-wheeler that is shaking up the electric bicycle industry.

Gocycle is the brainchild of Richard Thorpe, a former Mclaren Cars design engineer with a 25- year career working in the motorsports and light electric vehicle industry.

After an extensive and in-depth product development process, Karbon Kinetics’ critically acclaimed breakthrough product Gocycle was first made available to the public in April 2009. Inspired by F1 high-performance and design, Gocycle is the first injection-moulded magnesium alloy bicycle in history. Lightest in class, environmentally sustainable and stylish with on-demand electric power, Gocycle is an automotive joy to live with. Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun. A talking point wherever it goes.


The Classic-bikes by the German-based bicycle manufacturer Hawk Bikes Sales GmbH are reminiscent of the motorcycle style of the Twenties and Thirties. They couple the elegance of clear, dynamic frame lines and skilfully designed elements with state of the art technology.

The 28’’ models bring the old racing motorcycle of the Twenties and Thirties into the city. In aerodynamic, comfortable position and thin tires they are fast and effective. The 26’’ models copy the wide handlebar for an upright and easy-to-ride position and thicker tires of the old street cruisers. The “tube-style” models in step-trough, and regular type, lead back to the early of 1905-1910, which still looked more like bicycles than fully developed motor vehicles.

Most of the Hawk Classic bicycles are also available with a high performance middle-e-motor and a hidden battery-pack in a stylish leader-bag. They are real e-bikes for individualists!

The combination of old style with the latest bike components makes the Hawk Classic series as precise and stylish as the machinery of old and just as effective in their performance as todays city bikes.


From the four corners of France, we found ourselves in the Vosges at the National School of Technology and Wood Industries. It is around our passions for woodworking and outdoor sports that we have come to know us. Our sense of adventure and the desire to create a business in accordance with our principles lead us together towards entrepreneurship.


In April 2014, Keim unveiled its model Arvak , the result of innovative manufacturing technique, a combination of outstanding craftsmanship in woodworking and radical formal research. The reception of those who have seen and tried the bike give the brand a special place in the universe cycle.

Keim continues its quest bike ideal for the study of materials and their processing, design simulation tools and creating new models related to the enthusiasts.

A bike is an extension of the human body, a machine to translate energy into propulsion. A lightweight frame, durable and sleek, made with care. Keim The bikes are designed to provide unique speed and fluidity of sensations.


2012 – Inception

The story begins in 2012, during the Founder’s master studies at University College London, researching the perfect urban commuting vehicle.

2013-2014 – Designing & Prototyping

Having spent several months interviewing potential users, we proceeded to 2-year-long process of concept design, prototyping and design optimisation.

2015 – Serial production

After building and testing functional prototypes, preselling two manufacturing batches of JIVR | Bike and securing significant investment, we’ve proceeded to setting up serial manufacturing plant.

Shipping begins Q4 2015.



During the last ten years alarm at the worldwide pollution from transit systems has brought social and political innovation to the field of transportation. Not only Asian cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok, but also European cities such as Rome, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin, which are all expanding exponentially, are re-evaluating their transport systems.

The trend to develop ‘green’ or “environmentally friendly” products has triggered the creation of the e-bike.


Independent E-bike has two main goals:

First, to give people who are either not sportive enough or else just plain too lazy the pleasure of trekking around the exquisite landscape that is our world.

Second, to give people who normally can’t sustain a long ride on difficult mountain paths access to the splendid countryside otherwise unavailable to them.

E-bike offers you these experiences. Our e-bike is authentic and unique.

The ‘Independent E-bike’ brand aspires to the high level of excellence and design already made famous by other ‘Made in Italy’ products.

People can be proud of their “clean and green” choice.


“Good aesthetics is respect for great design”

The LIOS Nano carbon folding bike is built from the very best components and at 8kg it’s one of the lightest small wheeled folding bikes in the world. However, there is more to it than just being lightweight; as well as the aesthetics, due to its stiffness and supreme handling, the Nano performs like a full-size bike, but can be neatly folded and carried within seconds.


We design the best bike load trailers in the world. Read all about what we are, what we do and what we believe in. The first question is why use bike trailers at all?

Our trailers are…

Efficient – A bicycle trailer is more efficient than rucksack or panniers. Trailers isolate your bike from the load so you don’t waste energy wiggling the load.

Safe – A bicycle towing a bicycle trailer handles normally. It corners predictably, and remains manoeuverable.

Practical – Bicycle trailers are easier to live with. They’re easy to pack, convenient to hitch, and light to walk with. Our trailers also flatten easily for storage.

Another choice – A bike/trailer combination is a good addition to your car and public transport, offering another way to carry. But bicycle trailers and bikes can also piggyback on cars and trains.


JoystickBike Federation

A revolutionary 2 wheels with a joystick

International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2015 – World Challenge Prototype 2017



One upon a time they were just the two wheels, today the Montante bikes are authentic cult items, expressing the “made in Italy” charme and style of the bicycles. A legend. Each Montante creation becomes an irresistible trend, appreciated by the two-wheels lovers and by the most fashionable people. A craze that spreads with the launch of every new model!

Not only haute couture bikes, but real magic, stunning creations with one of a kind details; sophisticated and indestructible jewels that today have become icons of beauty and sensuality.

Every Montante bike is a result of the craftsmanship of its manufacturers and is submitted to the most severe quality tests. All the collections have unique details that make every bike a sample of tradition and technology: élite items that allow the maximum comfort of the ride, with a great elegance and an old-fashion, but still contemporary, style.

The Montante bikes are matchless and each one of them has a serial number imprinted on the frame of the bike; it allows to identify at every moment the bike’s owner, avoiding possible thefts. One of the advantages of the purchase of a Montante bike is that its identification number it is not removable from the bike frame and it always identifies the owner.

Furthermore each buyer receives a numbered personal card ensuring the warranty to the customer, the genuine leather box with the Montante logo, the pen and the key ring inspired by the Thirties collection.

Today the Montante bikes are exported worldwide and have become ambassadors of the Italian excellence in the world.


What makes your Ahooga eBike so special is a unique combination of qualities:

1) It is a folding bike that folds in 10 seconds into a compact folded bike very easy to roll, carry and store.

2) Although it is a folding bike, it delivers superb riding comfort and efficiency, thanks to an exceptional frame geometry, ultra-lightweight, oversized chain rings, smaller rear cogs, optimal 20” wheels and sleek tires with optimal grip whatever the weather situation.

3) Moreover the Ahooga eBike offers a powerful electrical assistance that flattens all uphill roads, allowing you to reach your destination in perfectly fresh conditions.

4) On top of this, although it is electrically assisted, the Ahooga folding eBike remains amazingly light (13 kgs / 29 lbs)!

5) The Ahooga Bike is definitely elegant and here we are simply quoting the customers and experts.

6) The Ahooga Bike is offered with plenty of accessories, like a rain shield, that make your daily journeys fully convenient and enjoyable.

7) Last but not least, the Ahooga Bike is reasonably priced because our corporate mission is promoting the growth of clean transportation for the well-being, health and efficiency of all.


TBK Bike is a Spanish brand specialized in wooden bikes. Its designs are for lovers of nature and city, but also elegance and originality. You can feel the freedom and the movement that wood offers as you move between cars on the asphalt.

Sevilla/ Monaco. June 2016. If you ask yourself “why wood” the answer is clear: experiencing freedom is possible when riding a TBK Bike because the pedalling in a wooden bike is much more comfortable than any other bike due to the unique physical and mechanical properties of the natural wood fibre. Its specific molecular structure gives it unique qualities in absorbing the vibrations.

Natural fibre absorbs vibrations from the impact like no other material, while maintaining its original form unalterably. A healthy tree of hardwood can be flexed by the wind, but will always return to its natural state.

“From the Tree to the City”

On the other hand, wood is a friendly material to the environment, a renewable raw material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and society. Almost imperceptibly, wood surrounds us in our everyday life and qualities include that it is recyclable, contributes to mitigate climate change, hardly uses energy or emit C02 in their preparation and offers solutions that enable innovative designs.

TBK Bike designs are born from nature. They believe that, if they design from it, they will always be in equilibrium with it and creating something that return and perpetuate a part of what makes it unique: its beauty, simplicity and functionality, three features that they apply to their creations.

In their commitment to the principles of Corporate Social responsibility, the woods from which they manufacture their TBK Bikes come from sustainably managed forests. From TBK Bike, they select the best woods from companies that have relevant certifications. As the concern for the environment increases, consumers want to know that they take well informed purchasing decisions and that their lifestyle does not damage the Earth. As they say, “¡TBK Bikes are not produced at the expense of the tomorrow´s forests!”

“Unique and Different as you”

Finally, as s if it were a fingerprint, the wood grain gives their designs a unique characteristic. No bike is like another. “Escape from the ordinary and the commercial while you ride a bike as exclusive and unique as you. You will feel that you are admired in your ride!”, they say.

TBK Bike gives life to all dreams and beliefs of the team of professionals behind this brand inspired by the love for art and dedication, for years, to the world of wood. Its designs are the final result of this dream, its work, and, of course, its passion for bikes where tradition and technology, a perfect “symbiosis”, can go together to get the most innovative designs and get from the wood everything that makes it unique as a material for the manufacture of bicycle frames. Therefore they work the wood with artisan techniques, but applying the latest technologies in its treatment to get bikes of real toughness, strength, flexibility, lightness, stability and design of a unique beauty, luxury and elegance.


This sublime ecological vehicle “OTOR” was born from the passion for design and vintage motorcycles.

Sensation & pleasure to ride in silence riding an old bike handcrafted with the latest technology for e-bike.


Discover Leaos and all the fine details that make it unique…

LEAOS was developed as a comfortable unisex electric bike for everyday use, with the highest standards of design and function.


New fitness club on the French Riviera.

The only thing between you and your dream.


Trefecta’s aim is to create the game, instead of changing it. By focusing on true innovation we create the norm and set the standard for the products of tomorrow. In our opinion the only way to truly differentiate is to start with a clean sheet. This way we stand out from the crowd and make the impact we envisioned from the start. This vision translates itself in both our product as well as our business model.

The Trefecta claims a new category of vehicles. Through advanced engineering and intelligent design we aim to develop unsurpassed excellence. The unique interaction between design, power and function results in a multi-purposed vehicle. Ultimately, providing a riding experience, freedom of any constraints and customized to every need.

This drive for innovation is also shown in Trefecta’s business model. A unique product needs a unique strategy. It starts with the aim of representing the ultimate value proposition in premium eMobility solutions. This is to be achieved in a multi-channel clicks and bricks strategy where a mix of in- and outsourced resources gives widespread technology and know-how. This allows a highly efficient development process in time and cost, and lets class and quality precede volume.

To learn more about our vision, make sure to also check the testimonial videos of the founder of Trefecta, Haiko Visser.


Our mission is simple—to be the brand of choice for discerning riders. Founded on performance and fueled by innovation, our focus on the rider and their needs is our constant. From seasoned pros and weekend warriors, to kids and commuters—if you ride, we’re for you.

We believe bikes have the power to change lives. This simple truth drives us to be—and do—better. The passion we have for sharing our love of bikes with the world can be seen in those who choose to work here, and the people and organizations we partner with.


STREETSTEPPER FRANCE propose des vélos stepper RS20 & MTS26 pour accompagner vos performances sportives votre forme physique sans choc sans traumatisme


E-Enduro Nox EDF 6.7 Hybrid:

The brand new NOX EDF 6.7 Hybrid is based on experience with NOX MTB Enduro and downhill bikes, which have now successfully been on the market for many years. We are now complimenting these proven product lines with the NOX EDF 6.7 Hybrid, as one of the first Enduro E-bikes with IPP technology (Integrated Power Pack). In this case the battery isn‘t piggybacking on the frame or using the carrier rack as per usual, but is integrated into the down tube in a visually appealing way.

With the NOX EDF 6.7 Hybrid, our German based developers and designers have developed a leap in technology in electrically assisted Enduro bikes for demanding and extreme use. The full frame and entire kinematics of the NOX EDF 6.7 Hybrid have been designed and

optimised for the rigours of an Enduro-Bike, with optimum positioning of the powerful drive and battery cells.  

It is driven by the powerful new BROSE mid-mounted motor. The basis for this is a car steering motor that has been produced millions of times, which is manufactured in accordance with the highest automotive quality standards and has been thoroughly perfected

in recent years for use in high-quality e-bikes. The compact design of the BROSE mid-mounted motor enables optimum integration into the frame, and thus a particularly low overall centre of gravity for even better handling characteristics in harsh and rugged terrain.

For our professional test team, led by Marcus Klaus Mann, the Vice World Champion, World Cup Winner and 15-time German Champion, it was also important to equip the Nox EDF 6.7 Hybrid with high quality components already in the basic configuration.

Thus besides the Rock Shox Lyric RCT3 Solo Air suspension fork with up to 170 mm of travel, and a Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC2 DB Air absorber, is also equipped with a complete set of SRAM 1×11 gears.

Experience the results for yourself!


MELON Urban Active Helmets – Breezy lightweight and more. Melon is style fun and function they offer more then just design. The latest production technologies and a wide range of features provide all the requirements for a modern urban active application.


Momentum is a fresh new brand of lifestyle bikes that combine function and fun. Guided by the words of our brand spirit, “Move Happy,” Momentum creates elegantly designed bicycles that are stylish, comfortable and easy to ride.


Who are we? We are a team that over the years has become the reference for those cycling makes profession , craft it into a reason for living, for pleasure. We are able to accompany you, to give you the right keys to enter the world, great, two-wheeler. John, George and Silvio rode, pedaling and were runners. With the hours spent by bike or behind the races, have been able to increase the wealth of experience, essential to serve you and advise you.

We too have our faults, make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. But one thing you have to be sure: we will always to you our wealth of experience .We must transform into pleasure your desire to make cycling . Let us advise, guide, the best way to begin your personal adventure.

Bicycle, cycling, however, you will interpretiate, is synonymous with fantasy, adventure. Satisfaction after trauma. To achieve a satisfaction must be achieved not ephemeral toiling, sweating. The bike gives us this chance. But to reach it must be accompanied by the right bike , from the technology and comfort of garments suitable . Suitable to the person, characteristics, sizes and solutions.

We, all seasons, we enter the halls. We choose the best products , year by year, by making choices sometimes suffered. Sometimes we leave the heart, we always use our experience to choose . We carry Piasco the best of what the market offers . Over the years our choices we were right. We have been able to bring into our company brands like Pantani era Bianchi, Specialized MTB when it shocked the world with Brain, Cannondale when lifted from the years of difficulty, when nobody would have bet Pinarello, BMC when someone (almost) all made fun of us except that after five years we have been to Paris to celebrate with Cadel Evans Tour!

Now, however, enough, enough to live on their laurels or living memories.

We’re here and you can rest assured that we will continue to evolve to make any cyclist who has the good fortune to come and visit them gratified bait, ready for new challenges and battles.



The Moulton Bicycle is the original full-suspension, separable, small- wheeled, high performance bicycle, world renowned for speed, efficiency, durability and comfort.

Expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, these bicycles are the world’s most efficient form of transport – designed for universal use, real performance and comfort.


Moustache is a fun, unique, qualitative, and modern vision of the e-bike. It’s also a responsible vision, with assembly in France and a partnership with Bosch who also produces motors and batteries in Europe.

Today, we are ready to share our beliefs and I hope that after reading this, you’ll want to try our bikes and, more importantly, that you’ll feel the passion that went into developing them. We invite you to live this new adventure with us and become a protagonist for modern mobility.


NANOO is the innovative entirely aluminum-made folding bicycle, which is able to fold in 10 seconds and it’s transportable on its own wheels.

Thanks to the architecture of the frame, you can easily transport it while it’s bent because, unlike what happens with the other models in the same category, there’s no need to lift the bike; you just have to let it flow with a hand on the handlebars. This characteristic makes the NANOO bike unique and allows it to be particularly functional to the daily movements. Indeed you have the possibility to carry it everywhere: apartment, office, market, restaurant,…without risking a theft.

Designed in co-operation between Italy and Taiwan it offers innovative solutions, optimal for the urban intermodality.

Thanks to its small size and its moderate weight – 12 Kg for the mechanical version and 16 Kg for the electric one- NANOO is easy to carry both on public means of transport such as train, subway and bus, both on cars, camping vans and boats.


We hope that can bring people the new experience of cycling and when riding AOI.CYCLE on road, everyone’s eyes will definitely focus on you. We also believe that the innovative AOI.CYCLE makes riding a whole new experience to feel comfort and beauty!

AOI.CYCLE designed by Ken Aoi / Ching-Feng, Hsieh – 2009.


Imagine a cyclist who could cover the same distance … with greater ease.

The origin of the concept.

The mechanical explanation: with the “FAS®” crankset the chain rings are always ahead of the cranks (separation of chain ring and crank), so that one rotation of the pedals causes 1.44 rotations of the chain ring.

A series of interior gears smoothes the effort and provides an overdrive to the final motion (rotation of the chain ring). This permits a reduction of the diameter of the chain rings to deliver the same power.


A smoother pedaling, a better acceleration, which in terms of physiological aspects translates to a lower cardiac rate (4-5 beats/minute) and fewer muscular contractions.

Briefly: Better recovery, more rapid progress, and realization of potential are three

factors that promote improved performance for both the competitor and the avid sport cyclist… or simply provide greater ease for any cyclist.




‘Since I was a child I wished to have a bike shaped exactly how I desired. A unique bike, vintage styled, and now, after 40 years, I’ve decided to realize it’.




Established in 2015, Hopkinson England set their sights on founding a luxury label specialising in high-end handmade British cycling related products.

“Our first product to come to market is the ‘Louis Bag’ named after the family pet – ‘Louis the Lurcher’. Each bag is expertly handcrafted by generations of leather craftsman, using only the finest leather.

Versatile and unique, the Louis bag has been designed so that you can take it with you wherever you park your bike. The classic looks, simplistic design teamed with a high-end finish means it’s suitable for a visit to a coffee shop, work or when commuting. It simply fixes to your bike inside the bike bottle carrier. Each bag is easily removed and can be worn over your shoulder using the handmade coordinated leather belt strap.”


It’s true: the Swiss don’t build cars. But at Stromer we build something better, e-bikes. The e-bikes from Stromer offer incomparable range, power, and versatility, and are not only eco-friendly but stylish and chic as well. Experience the new standard for urban mobility with Stromer e-bikes.


Founded in 2006 in Monaco, the NEWTEON Group specializes in electric mobility for professionals and individuals.
The NEWTEON network now has four outlets in operation – in Nice , Monaco , Angers and Saint-Raphael – devoted to testing and marketing of electric bicycles, scooters / electric motorcycles and electric scooters.
Particularly attached to the quality of its products, NEWTEON emphasizes the major brands which it distributes and maintenance: BH , SCOTT , CANNONDALE , O2FEEL , MOMENTUM , KREIDLER, PEUGEOT CYCLES ,GOVECS … The latest news in equipment and accessories are available in stores.


Bianchi is one of the leading brands on the international market in the cycling sector and it boasts more than 130 years of history started in 1885

Bianchi, with its historical Italian brand, is a performance bicycle company characterized by product driven technology, Italian design and global market.

Bianchi believes the frame is the heart of the bicycle and it is constantly investing in material technology with the aim to produce the best bikes in the world.

Bianchi offers to the market a complete range of models for Road, MTB, City-Trekking, e-Bikes and accessories to meet the needs of all cyclists. All frames are designed and developed inside the Bianchi headquarter in Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy), same as all graphics and colors combinations.

With its Reparto Corse (Racing Department), Bianchi led the way with race proven geometry and technology as the market changed from steel to aluminum and then titanium, and now to the most advanced material: carbon.

Founded in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi, F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi Spa is part of Cycleurope AB Group – Swedish company of the Grimaldi Industri AB – known as one of the worldwide most important holding in the cycling sector.






The Ultimate Tandem Experience

Founded by tandem enthusiasts in 1976, Santana has had the same focus, passion and ownership for over three decades. Recognized as the World’s #1 builder of high performance tandems, our machines allow cyclists to cover more ground with less effort. While anyone can boast better performance, a review of our website will allow you to appreciate Santana’s enduring dedication to couples who desire the ultimate tandem experience.

Our Bikes

At Santana’s California factory, we build a comprehensive range of tandems from superior alloys of steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon. All are guaranteed to be lighter, stiffer and more comfortable than offerings from other builders. Most models can be equipped with couplers for hassle-free flying. If your needs are specific, custom sizing, finish, or componentry is available.

Tandem Vacations

Ready to spread your horizons? Since 1986, Santana has showcased the tandeming lifestyle through the design of over 75 tours and rallies; all hosted by our company’s founders. Santana’s Tandem Vacations are available exclusively to couples or families who can share a tandem, all brands are welcome. Popular destinations include Hawaii, California, Washington’s Puget Sound, Arizona, Colorado, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, Vermont, Tuscany, the Austrian Alps, Spain, France and New Zealand. We’ve even chartered entire cruise ships for unprecedented cycling vacations along the Rhine, Moselle, Mississippi, Danube and Saone-Rhone Rivers. Riding thousands of miles alongside hundreds of vacationing tandem teams each year is just one of the many ways Santana remains at the forefront of tandeming.



A bike born in the city…

The unique Brompton folding bike was designed and built in London in 1975 by Andrew Ritchie in his flat in South Kensington opposite the Brompton Oratory. Still made in London today, Brompton is making over 45,000 bikes per year and is the UK’s largest bike manufacturer.


We are indeed in 1925 when, from the skilful hands of Gelmino Chesini, founder of the prestigious brand, the first innovative bike was created. The first model of a race bike, named CHESINI BICIPRECISION is forged in that year, in the workshop of Nesente, a small village near Verona.


Rapha creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world. Designed without compromise for the most discerning rider, Rapha products blend style with optimum performance. A passion for road racing means Rapha is more than just a product company. It is an online emporium of performance roadwear, accessories, publications and events, all celebrating the glory and suffering of road riding.


To define ECCE Cycles, we have to talk in terms of excellence and innovation.

In an ordered, even reformatted world, ECCE Cycles liberates itself from the set codes to take form to another level.

With the work of designer Pierre Lallemand, ECCE Cycles has given birth to unique and exclusive products, with elegant, sporting curves that open up the boundaries of aestheticism to new horizons.

Born on Brussels in 2012, surrounded by exceptionally skilled engineers and craftsmen, ECCE Cycles mobilises its talents to build a prestigious brand that encompasses originality and technology.


Vino bike – the Kazakhstan brand of bicycles, developed by team of the legendary bicycle racer and Olympic champion Alexander Vinokurov. The Vino bike brand represents road and mountain bicycles and also specialised cycling clothing.



From a true passion for sport, fun, health and performance comes “ON”,  the new line of supplements from bio!


Custom Cruisers from an incredible French bicycle artisan.


Rhonda fell in love with fresh cold-pressed juice, when she was introduced to juicing by a man named Dr. Bernard Jenson in the late 80’s in California. Through the years she’s always been intrigued by juicing, detoxing, eating healthy, and living a healthier life-style. Living in Monaco, she realized she could bring her experience and knowledge of juicing to the South of France, and she created Vitalité Juices.

To our Vitalité team, juice is a way of life, not just a product to be sold. We press each juice using organic and local produce, hand cut all of our ingredients to keep the highest quality, hand bottle the individual juices, and hand label each juice specifically for you. We are at the beginning of our juicing journey here in the South of France, and we appreciate your support, belief in our philosophy and your desire for having a happy, healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Juice On…

Rhonda Hudson

Founder & Juice Visionary


Cycling accessories for urban commuters : visible on your bike, cool and practical while walking. #Safety #Beautiful #Serendipity



With Olympic and World Championship 2008-2009 medals and experience with more than 15 years in the professional athletic world.

We will guide you to reach your own goal and to a healthy living. It is not only about training or nutrition, a holistic approach is advisable.

We are not only focused on athletic performance, quite the opposite! We believe life should be good and that you should feel great to perform on all levels in life.

With modern science catching up on nutrition and on several other areas of our daily life, we hope to bring you lots of small “bio-hacks” to enhance your daily life and performance.

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