LikeBike Monte-Carlo:

A show like no other…

In the first year alone LIKEBIKE generated outstanding global media coverage, in many languages, numerous sports and lifestyle publications, TV, radio and all modern media platforms, generating over 450 items of newspaper and magazine coverage, with a consumer reach of 10,339,123 and an additional trade reach of 100,366 and continuing to grow.

The Brands:

84 in 2015 & a projected 150 in 2017 – Much more than just a trade show, the select exhibitors will show off their products, parts and bikes to a highly qualified audience in a relaxed and open market place environment.

The Venue (2015-2016) – The Grimaldi Forum:

4,500 m2 – incredible venue, a walk in the countryside: An outstanding, free and leisurely environment means clients are not frustrated in their efforts to see and truly experience the quality products on display.

Our Clientele:

Highest concentration of High Net Worth individuals in the world per m2. A Qualified audience for a Quality product. Different in many ways to other exhibitions, we have brought the client to the exhibitor on a virtual red carpet.


Monte Carlo

  • Highest number of professional cyclists per capita.
  • Highest GDP per capita since 1982.
  • Home to the world’s most iconic grand prix.
  • Home to the Largest Super Yacht show in the world
  • Largest police force in the world on a per-capita and per-area basis.
  • A renowned global style and luxury destination.
  • A wealthy cycling obsessed local population.

Our typical visitor…

Typical visitors to LikeBike are a mix of local residents and cycling enthusiasts from within Monaco, around Europe and beyond. Monaco residents visiting LikeBike are typically very wealthy, design literate and have a passion for luxury cars, boats, designer clothes, watches and other jewellery. Ages of visitors vary from young children accompanying parents, teenagers, families right through to retirees but the majority are wealthy 20-55 years olds with a renewed enthusiasm for cycling, fitness and expensive toys. 

With the the highest GDP per capita in the world since 1970 at $2000, the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita, the highest population density, the most expensive real estate at $69.700/m2 (2011), the highest number of Police – lowest crime, Monaco and it’s residents enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with an abundance of global design and lifestyle brands associated with wealth, quality and luxury.  

Whilst most of our visitors list Monaco as home, the majority maintain second and third homes not only in their country of origin but also in the surrounding area and various exotic locations across the globe. Locally, the Cote D’Azur boasts some of the most expensive prime real estate in the world.

With a immense passion for Cars, Monaco has the second highest ownership of cars in the world at 899 per 1000 with an even higher percentage of high end luxury and sports cars that are always on display in and around Monaco. While many people visit motor shows and car museums, a simple walk through any of the Monaco car parks offers a automobile wonderland. 

Along with Car and boat ownership, Monaco is also a leading location for cycling – high end cycling. Not surprisingly, Monaco has the highest population of professional cyclists living in and training around the Principality and given the high net worth of many of the residents and their exposure to the cycling scene, high value and professional grade, high tech and very expensive bicycles are a must have and are often seen on the classic rides around Monaco.

With Nice airport just 7 minutes away by helicopter, ownership and use of Private jets is not uncommon – as is the case for the numerous helicopters perched on the super Yachts that fill the iconic Port of Monaco. Monaco is also home to the largest Super Yacht show in the world and host to a thriving Yacht sale and purchase and charter industry.

Being the second most visited location in the world per capita, along with a wealthy and enthusiastic local population, Monaco is the perfect location for LikeBike and those luxury lifestyle brands who are associated with the event.

Demographic snapshot…

Area: 2km sq

Population: 36,371


Monégasque: 19%

French: 31.9%

Italian: 20%

British: 5.3%

Swiss: 2.8%

Belgian: 2.6%

German: 2.5%

American: 1.2%

Other: 14.7%

National Budget: €760 million


• 5 million visitors per year / 852,000 overnight stays

• Hotel capacity: 5526 beds

Financial and Economic Activity:

• Principality’s annual turnover: almost €13 billion

• Over 100 financial institutions managing €93.6 billion of funds and equities

• More than 40 luxury brands

• GDP per capita volume: €50,801 (in constant raise)